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Cellular PSP & Humisol

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Siam Valley Rice Grains

The Original Cellular PSP

Polysaccharides & Polypeptides extracted from patented and proprietary rice grains.


Humisol is derived from Humic acid extracted from the depths of mineral rich American soil.

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Products to add to your healthy lifestyle, including: Alkaline water filters, pain relief, structured water, and more.

I started taking Cellular PSP expecting some immediately noticeable result, but that didn’t happen. I continued to use as directed and slowly noticed life changing events. Within a week, I started to notice I was sleeping better and felt rested in the morning.
After going to the gym, I was not having the usual aches and pains. And I noticed my allergies were not bothering me. In other words, there were dramatic improvements that took placer so automatically and naturally, I didn’t even notice them.
I just feel better physically, mentally, and have an overall better sense of well being. I love your product, I like the way it works, and I like the way it makes me feel.
Meg C.St. Petersburg, FL

As an author of several best selling books on nutrition and “gym rat” it is important that I stay healthy and energized. After taking the Health Best Today products (especially Cellular PSP), I feel more focused, more energized, and have noticed my recovery time from working out is very quick. Cellular PSP and Humisol are my “secret weapons” for traveling, staying focused and on top of my game. I feel good knowing how healthy they are for my immune system and overall wellness. I highly recommend all the Health Best Today products.

Dr. Howard PeiperUsing Cellular PSP for 12 Years


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